The Seeker

This poem is inspired by Richard Feynman – greatest Physicist of all time, the one who opened my eyes to the marvels of the world through deliberate questioning and creative understanding.

The Seeker – Ode to the greatest thinker and teacher of all time.

Through the murals of time
I seek the truth
From the bested verses
of the Geniuses of the world
I ask for solace
of this unjustifiable thirst 
to understand
the world around us
While it is too easy
to pretend
But the name is not knowing
as the headline is not the story
When the unknowns clamour
the curiosity restores serenity
as the seeker surrenders
to the magic of nature 
Thank you Richard Feynman for opening the doors of wisdom and teaching me the most important lesson in my life!


Thanks for trying so hard.

I know it’s not easy for you too.

And you have been trying different ways

to make me feel at ease

to lend your ears even when I keep mum

to say you are there for me, but also

to know when not to speak

to be a friend when it’s most difficult to be

to care beyond your duties

Oh I was so blind to the world

I couldn’t see you trying so hard

to balance my grief with your kindness

I cannot pretend it didn’t work

‘Cause it did!

Today I smile because of people like you!

But I never got to thank you!

So, here you go!

Big fat thank you!

Priyanka, Madhura, Nirav, Siji, Prasanth, Nithya, Pari, Aishu, Nivas and Jayashree. Love you folks!

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p.s: here are a few more thank yous for the days to come 😉 I am not going to pretend it’s over yet!

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!




Blank Space

—Added the following on Jan 5th,2016—

I couldn’t help but add the following piece to the post. It was too precious to stay in the comments section. Especially at a time like this when you realize kids are  indeed wiser than us – the “adults”. Here is what some of my cousins have written about Vishnu. Truly Amazing.

Badri Srinivasan, Youngest Cousin

When Darkness take-over and
There is only one little ray of hope
I want to cling on to this ray of hope
which are the sweetest memories I had with you

To my dear Vishnu
V – Vivid
I – Intelligent
S – Super Cutie
H – Hilarious
N – Nice
U – Ultimate

Ananth Srinivasan, his elder brother

As the clock ticks on, I realise
Every precious second I spent with you counts like a life-time,
While I breathe in that fragrance of the past,
It dawns on me that, though as humans we have accomplished a lot
and in many ways, we have done the extreme,
But one thing we haven’t conquered is ‘time’ and I sincerely wish we have done that too

When you were with us we were in cloud nine and
Now while the dark clouds are looming large
I am optimistic that a silver lining will emerge

It has not been that easy to move on by shedding tears
Or by crying my heart out because I know
It’s impossible to bring you back
But I know it’s possible to hope for a better future,
Filled with your joyous memories

They tell us to embrace the positive feelings,
But is it that easy to control your emotions when a Hulk is threatening to break out of its cage?
Unlike the fire that died out in my poem, hope and memories never die out,
I hate sad endings so all that I can say for now is:
Good luck on your new journey!


Raghav, Cousin brother

he will be born again
first as a butterfly then as a cow and as a baby…

Thank you guys! It’s been such an honor for me to have such amazing guys like you as brothers! No matter the age, you have shown true wisdom earned my respect!


Blank Space – Unedited version: Dedicated to my brother and the lives he touched.

As the sadness fills your heart

You look for that tiny ray of hope to hold on to

to cherish and to celebrate the life that was*

At first sight, all you see is darkness

You almost believe that it’s impossible to recover

You feel as if the whole world is on your head

And you cannot stand on your feet any more

The mind refuses to be tamed

The whole world seems to be one big joke

So lame and  so stupid

Like machines have suddenly invaded the planet

Lifeless and loveless

And it almost feels like the end

The end only because, the dear protagonist** is no more.

You don’t expect it, but then the story goes on

In the midst of the hopelessness, you find a tiny spark

At the first sight, it seems ridiculous

You question the whole existence

The Whys the hows and Why nots

A wave of silence gets past you

Feeling dumbfound, you search for answers within

The-what-could’ve-beens  and the-what-ifs transform

in to what-was

You take the first step  – accept

And you find a tiny bit of relief there

But you are still filled with the grief (mounting by the minute)

As if the Death Star*** just destroyed one whole planet

A huge emptiness to fill

Then you take the next step consciously

To celebrate the life that was

The moments that were priceless

The memories that were created

The unwritten songs sing in your head

The untold stories flash in front of you

As if it were real

And you suddenly feel the warmth binding you to the present

You feel whole, light and bright

The experience flips 180 degrees

You cannot but celebrate

You cannot but rejoice

You cannot but cherish

The moments

The love

The life

And you know and you feel

The story is now yours to write!

Where do you wanna start?


*of my brother

** From one of my brother’s quotes

Some of the best pieces of work is created when a writer chooses to kill of their dear protagonists.
Here’s to all the characters who v will never see and the writers who ve had the nerve to kill their creations!!

*** StarWars Reference – the last movie he saw on this planet.


Begin Again

On a Lazy Sunday afternoon, I sit down write a post

Voices flood in my head like the AIB roast

So much to write and so little time

Yet, I begin with nonsensical rhyme

What do I write? What do I write?

Books, cycle, goals, everything might

But, I would rather sit and troll

As the laziness of the noon takes its toll

Not void of inspiration

But of perception and perspiration

Trying hard to find what I lost

Like the trail of a ghost

That is never seen

A thousand memories, may be its in between

Wishing and hoping as the words stream

Describing the untold memories as they screen

In my eyes, they seem

Like a distant world I have never seen

I stop to take notice

As “it” finds me through rages of injustice*

I find a treasure

Happiness bound beyond any measure

I didn’t know I had it

But has been mine, always, I admit

Till today, I let it drain

For today, I Begin Again

* I started writing poetry to express my feelings about injustice in society when I was about 11. That’s how I found relief and do so even today :).