One is always greater than Zero.

Something is always better than nothing.

1 > 0.

One of the best advice I ever got to keep hustling every single day is from a great marketer Gary Vaynerchuk:

People will ask me questions like “How do I get into the New York Times?” or “How do I get a meeting with that CEO?”

My reply? One is better than zero.

You need to be thinking about the steps it takes to actually get to the biggest places in the world. Before you get that meeting with Zuckerberg or Mark Cuban, or whoever you want to meet with, you need to have a lot of little meetings. You have to build up your cadence.

I’ve been on Conan. Ellen. The Today Show.

But I also did a thousand interviews that got one or nineteen or 137 views on YouTube. Max. Why did I do blog posts for so long that only had six readers? Why do I guest on shows with a smaller audience base than my own? Because I’m all about depth over width. I want to go deeper with my community. I want to give back to people who support me.

Such a simple thing isn’t it?

Steve Jobs called it Connect the Dots, GaryVee calls it 1 > 0, Malcolm Gladwell calls it 10,000 hoursCal Newport calls it Deep work and many others have different versions.

All of these essentially imply the same thing:

Do the Work (That’s Steven Pressfield, by the way) every single day.

You never know when you might get lucky. But when you do you better be prepared to utilize it completely. Else what’s the use?

These singles might not seem much in the beginning. But in the end it will add up to something bigger. You go to trust that and keep counting the singles every day.

This simple thought actually inspired me to create an habit.

Every single day, before I sleep, I ask myself one question:

How would I count this day, zero or one?

No matter how crappy the day was or how tired I am, if the answer is zero I get out of bed and make sure I make it one before I sleep.

That’s my inspiration! So, what’s keeping you hustling?




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