A Quick update on my reading progress

If you are coming to my blog for the first time, you must know, I love reading.

Beginning of this year, I took upon the mighty take of reading 100 books this year.Fourth month in to the challenge, I have read 13 books till now, way below the target 31 books. This year marked a lot of changes in both personal and professional life, which sort of impacted my reading habits. So instead of reading a lot of non-fiction, I ended up reading 10 fiction. So, now, I felt the need to re-look in to where I should be spending energy. I have decided to re-evaluate my goals. In start-up terms, you would call it a pivot. Trick is not to over burden but just enough to keep the motivation to read at least 1 hour everyday. Therefore, I am planning to read just 45 books this year.

Said that, I am planning certain changes to my reading methods. I am planning to keep a book journal and do a analytical and synoptical reading as I am planning to dive deep in to just a few topics this year.

You can follow my reading progress here and follow my reviews and summaries of the books I read here in this blog.

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂