Do the work: Book Summary

I love reading. But I have a poor memory. So I decided to reduce books (or articles) to just a 3 or 4 points – more like a skeleton of the mind map. 

Do the Work by Steven Pressfield in one line:

Book introduces resistance (fear), what is it, how to overcome it and do the work.

The What:Nature of resistance (fear)

Inevitable, Impersonal, Infallible,Goes for the Kill, it is intelligent, logical, omnipresent

  • Look at Resistance – as a compass to guide you
  • More the Resistance – more reason to go through with it (stay with the energy)
  • Begin – Begin fast.Begin now. Start Before you are ready
  • Idea materializes through you – you are just the means. Allow it be what it wants to be
  • Till you Ship. It’s not done, till you ship (be stubborn and get it done)
do the work, justaparna, Steven Pressfield
Quote: Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

The Hows:

How Bad do you want to do the work?

Dabbling • Interested • Intrigued but Uncertain • Passionate • Totally Committed

Why Do you want to do the work?

For the babes (or the dudes) •The money • For fame • Because I deserve it • For power • To prove my old man (or ex-spouse, mother, teacher, coach) • To serve my vision of how life/mankind ought to be • For fun or beauty • Because I have no choice

Unless you are totally committed and do it for fun or beauty and because you have no choice, you might not do the work.

More detailed summary is available at the domino project.
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