The Changing Times

just aparna

Off late, I have been using this blog as a trash can for my feelings. That’s probably putting it too harsh. But you get it. May be that’s why you haven’t bothered to visit my blog these. I don’t blame you. I didn’t either.

Now that the times have changed… I promise to come back more often – (Mondays and Thursdays)- than I did before and hoping this motivates you to come back as well. (Hit the subscribe button right away before your forget 😉 ).

So, what has changed?

Mainly my perspective. But on that later. This blog is no more “Lullaby of imfamous (seriously, how did I come up with “imfamous”!!?). Can’t say, I didn’t see it coming. But, I didn’t acknowledge it for a long time. Until recently.

The blog is now “The Life of Adventures!”. With an exclamation! Super lame, super ordinary and uncreative. But I wouldn’t have it any other way because I have been seeing life as an adventure for quite a few months and that has given me strength. Today, I am sharing it with you.

Why an adventure?

Sounds super fun doesn’t it?

But it is not something people don’t set out for very often because, books and movies have feed our imagination to assume that adventure is out there. An adventure to you might be exploring the woods, bungee jumping, sky diving, hiking on the Himalayas, smooth ride along the coast  and more. And so, many of us have been made to believe that adventure begins, when we step out of the ordinary life.

I would like to think otherwise.

Adventure begins when you start accepting that no day is ordinary. And no life is ordinary. There is always something to discover, something to unravel in the everyday life. That’s all the fuel you need to keep moving forward.

Why this blog (again)?

Ok, a confession. This is not my first blog. (Of course, you already know that). I have been writing since 2008 and have had three blogs before. I deleted them for reasons that seems so juvenile now.

I have written a lot on this blog, looking back, there are quite a few posts that I am not proud of. As much as I would like to start anew, I have come to realize that if not for the past, I wouldn’t be here, so I might as well give it the place it deserves.

What should you do now?

All you got to do is subscribe to this blog. I promise to publish a post every Monday and Thursday. But, even if you don’t subscribe, I encourage you to come back after 10 days, may be you will find something that’s worthy of your attention. (I have some really interesting posts lined up.)

That said, welcome to my new old blog. 🙂

Oh! Almost forgot! Here is a very quick time lapse of my blog. (Thanks to

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