Begin Again

On a Lazy Sunday afternoon, I sit down write a post

Voices flood in my head like the AIB roast

So much to write and so little time

Yet, I begin with nonsensical rhyme

What do I write? What do I write?

Books, cycle, goals, everything might

But, I would rather sit and troll

As the laziness of the noon takes its toll

Not void of inspiration

But of perception and perspiration

Trying hard to find what I lost

Like the trail of a ghost

That is never seen

A thousand memories, may be its in between

Wishing and hoping as the words stream

Describing the untold memories as they screen

In my eyes, they seem

Like a distant world I have never seen

I stop to take notice

As “it” finds me through rages of injustice*

I find a treasure

Happiness bound beyond any measure

I didn’t know I had it

But has been mine, always, I admit

Till today, I let it drain

For today, I Begin Again

* I started writing poetry to express my feelings about injustice in society when I was about 11. That’s how I found relief and do so even today :).


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