Begin Again

On a Lazy Sunday afternoon, I sit down write a post

Voices flood in my head like the AIB roast

So much to write and so little time

Yet, I begin with nonsensical rhyme

What do I write? What do I write?

Books, cycle, goals, everything might

But, I would rather sit and troll

As the laziness of the noon takes its toll

Not void of inspiration

But of perception and perspiration

Trying hard to find what I lost

Like the trail of a ghost

That is never seen

A thousand memories, may be its in between

Wishing and hoping as the words stream

Describing the untold memories as they screen

In my eyes, they seem

Like a distant world I have never seen

I stop to take notice

As “it” finds me through rages of injustice*

I find a treasure

Happiness bound beyond any measure

I didn’t know I had it

But has been mine, always, I admit

Till today, I let it drain

For today, I Begin Again

* I started writing poetry to express my feelings about injustice in society when I was about 11. That’s how I found relief and do so even today :).


What Life Owes You!

If I was born in Bronze Age or Iron Age, I wouldn’t be alive to type this out [neither will the technology be].

Well, That’s the whole point of the post!

Death makes you appreciate life!

Life has given me so many things mom, dad, brother (Yo!), guru, friends, education, money, talent, happiness, love, hatred ,opportunities, mistakes, success, failure, hits, misses, sports, dance, music, meditation, karate, poetry, trust, belief, loss, gain..

Thanks! Thanks for everything!