Determined to write a post!

My New year’s resolution is to write a post every single week. Usually by Saturday I would’ve thought of something to write. I would’ve found some inspiration (usually a book). But somehow, I couldn’t find one this week. And hence the title. Since I already forewarned that there is a lot of crap coming your way. I, in a way, have saved myself from embarrassment. And It’s Sunday evening already.  So, I am going with an easy post – random updates.

That's exactly what I did :)
That’s exactly what I did 🙂

(Desperately need a refill of creative juice.)

Had a great pongal celebration. Cooked rice in pot for the first time. It was great! 🙂

Slept for 14 hours a day. [4+10]

Trying to read 3 books at a time. [I seem to have lost some speed in my reading]

Switched from anydo to nozbe yet again.

Finally downloaded all the essential health apps. (How I miss my iphone!!)

Started playing.

Watched one movie – Imitation Game (amazing) & couple of documentaries.

Planned and planned again. [Of course nothing usually works out]

Got my metrics organized.

Started listening to Pema Chodran again.

Broke “Meditation Everyday” resolution more than a few times.

Had a cup of good coffee at 9 in the night and didn’t sleep all night.

Weight every single day. [Nah no frigging weight loss! Despite saying no to Paneer! :/]

Zeroed in on my interest. 🙂







Excited. (Ausopen, Rafa)

Wrote a blog post and stopped myself from breaking a resolution.

That’s it!

p.s hoping something inspires me this week. 🙂 Something usually shows up!

p.s.s: This is the last time I am boring you with such things! 🙂


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