Luck and Randomness

I have been meaning to write this post for a long time. But situation wasn’t right. Seems to me, I couldn’t get a better time than today to post it :). [Yeah grades coming up this week ]

Being a student gives a very different perspective of things! Especially about numbers.

Numbers come in many forms in our lives – accounting, money, shares,(weight), statistics but the scariest of them all is “Grade point” and it usually has a prequel – “marks”.

Being someone who is interested in understanding patterns,Β  I decided to figure out this grade point. Literally figure it out.Β  And the conclusion I got it.. Drumroll please.. It’s purely random & often based on luck.

Some of my thought experiments looked like this (Some I did it during some of the exams, so it’s very much real)

– Questions you get is completely random – so there is always this one student (need not be the same person every time) who ends up getting a fairly easy set of question. As so there will be one more person who gets a hard question. But 90% of the students end up getting a mixture of both.

– Defining easy and hard – Easy -80% of the students no matter they have studied or not could guess the answer with 80% accuracy. Hard – only 20% of the students who have prepared can find the answer out with 80% accuracy.

– More than 70% of the people know the exact answer just after coming out. If you are telling me this hasn’t happened to you, you should check for amnesia. So, what do you call this phenomenon – definitely not hard work? Luck may be?

– You read till the last minute hoping that it will show up in the exam but only 35% of the time it does. So, you take a call on where to read last minute or not.

– More than 60% of the time most obvious answer is the answer. But we, as students, always expect a twist in the question and mark the less obvious one. [Oh, are you smiling? So am I.]

– The vastu doesn’t help 100% of the time. Many have this notion of picking the same spot for every exam, thinking that it brings luck. It doesn’t. I have measured. πŸ™‚

– Cracking an exam is a combination of your preparedness and your presence of mind. And tilted 70 degrees towards the later.

And the lastΒ  and the most important thing – Mark is an inaccurate measure of your understanding of the subject, but accurate measure of relativity of understanding. In other words, we are the children of industrial revolution which banks on grades to measure competencies – just because it is easier that way. And one’s mark doesn’t reflect one’s understanding, but the understanding +/- a lot of other factors (which is hard to measure).

An obvious question may come up, some people always get the highest marks, and some always the lowest marks, does it mean former has understood the subject better than later? Yes and No. Yes, because of the relativity I talked about, no because the questions are random. But, notice here that it’s relative. That is, It doesn’t measure “How much” you have understood, only that you have understood more or less than the “expected value”. The expected value is the marks allotted to each question.

Happens to all of us! :P
Happens to all of us! πŸ˜›

p.s: bonus for those inquisitive guys out there, time is relative too. That’s what got me here and now. “Now” can’t be measure, but before “now” and after “now” can be :).

p.s.s: was trying out a different style of writing. Let me know if you liked it or not!

Have a great week ahead!

Thanks for helping me keep with with the new year resolution!!


4 thoughts on “Luck and Randomness”

  1. Hey.. It was fun reading on this. Drumroll, vastu and emoji on marks good ones!!
    “Mark is an inaccurate measure of your understanding of the subject, but accurate measure of relativity of understanding. ” awesome truth..


  2. Hey Aparna … Nice writing … I ve been reading your blog and all topics are quite interesting … Keep it up πŸ™‚

    “mark is an inaccurate measure of your understanding of the subject, but accurate measure of relativity of understanding. “- well said !!


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