2014 A Year In Review

This Post was supposed to be written on Dec 31,2014. As the deadline approached, my need for celebrating the “moment” took over the need to look back at some of the great things that happened to me! So, I thought I will write it on Jan 1st. But, as you might have guessed already, I was too tired of the “madness” on the 31st to even think about writing a blog post. And I chose to write it yesterday despite having too many deadlines today!

The reason I just blurted out so very much is that, I have finally come in terms with my priorities (for now) and blogging is not the last! 🙂 Without any delay.. here are some of the best things that happened to me in 2014:

1. Cycle (Duh!)

2. Books – I wouldn’t have thought I would read 56 books in a year. Though it is not a magnificent number, I am proud to have become the person who picks up books every single week. In fact, just in first couple of months I started allocating time to read books! My love for non-fiction esp. business books just increased by this much (this is where you visualize me stretching my arms right out trying to hug the two poles).

3. Business School – Joining one has been great experience so far. Though I am yet to transform in to a butterfly, but I can crawl. That is, I am making a progress – moving forward. For that I am grateful!

4. Death – Still the best reminder of life. A couple of my friends lost their dear ones. Just a blink of an eye, the one who was once yours to love is no more. I could never come in terms with death. But, it just reminds me that every single moment I breath, I must do something to make a difference – a small smile, a thank you, a please..! It’s that small things that change the (your) world!

5. It’s Ok – Just means, It’s ok. For me, a lesson larger than life!

There are so many new people who came in to my life and influenced the way I think, the way I behave (in a good way). I would like to take a moment to thank every one for being there!

Said that, Past is not always about good things, but what you learn from the not-so-good things

1. Quality > Quantity – Reading one book per week wasn’t tough. Tough thing was remembering them. I read so many good books, but thanks to my visual memory, I barely remember a few lines or sentences about them. This year, I am planning to focus on quality. So, reduced my goals to just 40 and a wider variety – not just fiction and business books but travel books and poetry as well.

2. Systems – Building systems not just goals. Like exercising every day (or 3 days a week) to have better health. Fast once in 15 days. etc etc. Which I have slowly incorporated last year itself. 🙂 But looking forward to more and better ones this year.

3. Focus on energy (breath)

2015…. My only resolution.. 🙂

To publish a post every week (that means, a lot of crap coming your way)!

Have a wonnnnnderfullll New Year! 😀

Leaving you with a dialogue from my favorite book and movie – The Hobbit.

I Am Going on a Adventure!
I am going on a Adventureeee! –  Bilbo Baggins

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