One of those days!

As I sit to write this post, I am in the most peaceful place in this world. The only noise here is the noise in my head and I am comfortably seated very very far away from chaos.

I remember, back in my college days, a friend of mine introduced me to a book written by Anne Frank. Till this day, I dare not finish the book because there was so much violence, I refused to believe it ever happened. To me it was a book that was made story. Over the years, I watched a couple of movies about Holocaust but I could never finish them. I couldn’t take it. One, because I couldn’t believe humans would do that to each other, and also because I don’t dare think what it would be like if I was there.

Today, Now. I am half way through “I am Malala“. I have already shed more than a few tears. The whole world around me is quite and I seem to be meditating – taking everything in – my reality is so peaceful, but the book showed a different picture, a picture I didn’t know could ever exist, a picture I believed was only a fiction. It was that surreal moment when I could experience both the reality around me and that in the book and I was shattered. As a I read through the book, I couldn’t help but wonder what I did in those years.. 2007..2009..2011. To sum it up in a few words, I was worried about my future. And that hasn’t changed a bit now. I still am. But, as I read through the book, I realize how trivial my worries are.

Right now I am worried about my grades – when people couldn’t go to school even if they wanted to.

Right now I am worried If I am ever going to make it big – when people don’t know they are going to live through the night.

Right now, I am about to give an interview  – when people aren’t allowed to speak for themselves.

Right now, I can go enjoy a nice cup of tea – when people haven’t eaten in days.

Right now I could go online and people will hear me out – when people are yearning to make their voices heard and no one’s there to hear them.

Right now I have everything.

Yet I act as if what I do makes no difference.

But is that true?

Aaron Swartz

Dedicated to Aaron Swartz &  Malala & people who are making a difference!! Thanks for rekindling my spirits! 🙂

For those who haven’t picked up the book yet, now is the time! Also, watch an amazing documentary – The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz


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