The Ultimate Shopaholic

Inspiration: The Old-me.

I was browsing through some of my old docs and found this. Apparently in those days, I wanted to write a Novel. As you have guessed it, I was trying to follow the heard – Shopaholics.

Extract dated November 28,2011:

(uncut, unedited version)

The Ultimate Shopaholic

For those who have had their hands blistering from the shopping bags and yet looking at the never ending boulevard of malls and showrooms as if it was Garden of Eden, I present to you the ultimate shopaholic! And for the rest of the mankind (read: men) who await the person characterized above to return from their so called errand, I give you the ultimate. (You already know a shopaholic!)

Blazing through the heat and cold, a shopaholic moves from one shop to another, hoping to see that ONE dress that says “me” and makes others say “Woahhh”. After acquainting with that ONE dress, we move on to the ONE shoe, and then necklace and then the ear rings, the bracelets, the list goes on and on. Well, let’s assume by chance a shopaholic did manage to get all the above and more often does it with the bit of scratching of more than one cards (of Dad’s and boyfriend’s), she doesn’t stop. As she never shops alone, and is always with her girlfriend, the whole process continues till both of them manage to find the best match. Of all the odds against such an eventful miracle happening, let’s assume it did happen. Where we thought shopping ended, window shopping just took its baby steps. You don’t have to spend money and yet get the experience of shopping. The shopaholic with her pal experiences time traveling at the speed of light while at the same continuum of time the rest of mankind (men) finds the time to be moving slower than a snail. Theory of relativity hence proven! And all this drama happens in a single day and then bam! It’s another day! Past is past! Let’s start afresh. And the story continues. I was a hippie yesterday, a Zombie today, a moron tomorrow!

I had even named the first chapter “The ultimate shopaholic is a devotee”.

Unfortunately, I didn’t write a word more.

Reading that, I now wish I would be half as creative as who I was. But most of all I am glad that I didn’t delete these  unfinished docs. They still remind me of my old good self. Which I seem to appreciate more than I did that time. Guess life moves on ;).

Image Source: VictoryStyleSecrets

So, what is that you found in your old system that surprised you today?




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