Today is a very sad day. One of my friend’s dad lost his battle against cancer.  Just a year ago, another friend of mine lost her father. A year before a cousin lost his mother due to cancer…All of them had witnessed their hero go down against the spiraling twists of nature. I couldn’t but go back to those pages where they left a few traces of memories. I weep every time I read it. It’s harsh that a person who once stood besides us hand in hand is mere memory now… but happy that there is always something to go back to..

I never considered memories as important…’cause it makes me weak.. more vulnerable than I would like to feel.. and most of all it makes me think about something I can never ever have again.. a relationship..a hug..just a smile.. there are mere ghosts in the memory of my past…. In a way, that’s why I don’t take much pictures and choose to shutdown after I hear a news about any death than to lend a shoulder..

But I am realizing now that memories are not about something we will never have again.. but something we were just too lucky to have experienced it in the first place.. a bite out of a chocolate.. a twinkle in the eye after breaking a rule..that big failure moment and a reassuring conversation afterwards… many more tiny moments that makes life worth living…

It’s hard to lose someone esp. when what defines you isn’t complete without that person. It’s super hard.

To think of it, even when someone is gone.. we let them live through us.. through the memories we most cherish.. Somehow they live life through us…in our bedroom, kitchen, school, office…in happiness and in sadness..

So, may be they are not lost forever.. may be it’s upon us to find them again and share our lives.. may be that’s the tribute we can pay for being lucky enough to share a few mortal years playing along..singing along..breathing along with such great people…




One thought on “Memories….”

  1. I am so sorry for your friends, it is definitely one of the most terrible moments of our lives, to lose someone we love dearly, forever. Someone we can never replace in our life.


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