Why I still use my iPhone 3GS

when Samsung & Motorola are flooding the market with new sexy phones day in day out.

For those not so techno-enthusiasts, iPhone 3GS was released in 2009. Yes, It’s Abe Lincoln Old in this era of mobile revolution.

For the geeks out there, I still use it. Yeah! [iOS 6 seems a long time ago].

I got my phone as a second hand (only phone I could afford that time) against a Brand New Motorola (forgot the Model Name).

Today, I know iPhone 3gs is not so practical. It doesn’t have a good camera, loading music is a mess every time (depends a lot on my mood which is like a sine wave function) or expandable memory.  It doesn’t even look good. It nearly met it’s fate (junk yard) so many times, but resurrected skillfully (just mincing words). It has lost all it keys, and the antenna let’s say works well under the clear  sky. All in all, If I carry it, it’s no longer a iPhone crown but anything other than that.


Today Morning I woke up to an article on The Economic Times (I just happened to drink tea and found the nearest thing to read) and read the only article that interested me – An Empire with out and Emperor. It basically talks about what Apple has become without Steve Jobs’s magic wand. And it got me thinking on why I chose to buy an iPhone…

I bought an iPhone because it reminded me of the Phenomenon called Steve Jobs.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

iPhone was a Giant Leap for the mankind. It changed everything. For someone who is a nobody and has a dream to become an entrepreneur someday, iPhone represented everything to me like a product is not a product but an experience, attention to details, the art, selling a dream, etc. And every time I use the iPhone, I get reminded of the type of product and company I should build. In a lot of ways, iPhone was the closest I could get to Steve Jobs.

I haven’t really got a chance to upgrade my iPhone ’cause only reason I would do is for the camera. Given all  the facts, none of the iPhone cameras are good enough compared say Nokia or Samsung. And I really hate the fact that iPhone which defined the trends then, is now following the steps of its rivals – watch, to different sized models & iOS 7! Well, no wonder a lot of us have started thinking about migrating to non-Apple. A lot of us have started thinking about mere usability (Samsung & Nokia) against experience and art (which were the buzz words of the Steve Jobs era).

To think of it, just yesterday, I was contemplating on getting a different phone (Samsung/Motorola) for the usability factor. But, I have changed my mind now. Simply because, this iPhone represents everything I believe in – the company I hope to build someday, the footsteps I hope to follow and eventually lead, the magic I intend to create. All of it is in my hands, right now. And that’s all I needed to know to keep the fire alive :).

Well, that’s all about my romantic relationship with a phone (barely any action otherwise 😉 ). Your turn now, what inspired you to get your first car, phone, laptop, shoes or just about anything?

It is said we are our stories and I would love to know yours!