Information vs Creativity

The infinite Loop of creativity

A wave of uncomfortable feeling called “shame” took me over when I thought about how long it has been since I inked my last article. This is certainly not the first time I started something and lost interest. Sadly, my priority wasn’t blogging but consumption. Unlike last couple of times, it lead to a epiphany.

I have been consuming a lot of information over the past few months.From books to meditations to blogs (and a lot of blogs). From self help to advertising to strategies to case studies to java. I even took a course on speed reading, so that I could consume more. There is a big drawback of this type of consumption. If you haven’t guessed it already, it comes in one side and goes out the other.

Information is useful only if it can be put to use. This is where the element of creativity comes. Unless we make(create) something out of that information, it is going to lose its significance and eventually gets pushed out of the system. Even if it was “Blue Ocean Strategy”. So, I started taking notes. Writing down interesting things, making faces (literally) on how I felt about the topics that way its fun. I also plan to put more effort to blogging.

Writing, drawing, visualizing, discovering – just keeping in touch with right side of the brain is more fun than just consuming. I have decided that, I am going to do what I love – create. Even if it is this bad.

Cartoon Random
Random Drawings


What is the use of information when you (can) do nothing with it?


When was the last time you did something creative? What did you do?




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